MDC2460 RS232 dual motor Speed control issue

4 years 3 months ago #29534956 by morrisini
I'm using v.1.8 firmware. I'm having issues setting RPM with Axis #2. The first !S command drives the motor for one sample then
the motor stops and does no no longer turns. The controller returns "+". If I wait a little bit (say > 0.2 sec.) the command works.
In faster succession it does not. Axis #1 never has this problem. Occasionally both axes do seem to respond correctly but I
cannot understand what is different. I can reproduce the same issue with RoboRun+ through the USB port, or with the
RS232 port (def. BAUD=38400). For the serial port I set up no echo. Lastly the status light always slow blinks
Yellow (~ 1 Hz) upon cold power up.

any insights most appreciated.


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