Brushless motor minimum speed 4 RPM?

3 years 5 months ago #29534974 by petroslj
I am using an FBL2360TE to drive a brushless wheel hub (direct drive, 30 pole, 1024 count encoder, 4096 ppr) and cannot command a wheel rotation rate below 4 RPM in any closed loop mode. Commanded velocities below !S 2 or !M 7 result is wheel holding position. Switch trap/sin and numerous other config changes make no difference. Minimum rotation rate is 4 RPM (for !S n 2) and increments above this are in 2 RPM steps per !S value increment. I require much finer speed control (0 to 10 RPM in 0.1 increments or better). This appears to be a round-off problem in the internal target position increment scheme. Attached for reference is the controller xml profile.

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