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I am trying to figure out what the expected sequence of values for the Hall Status (HS) would be for a motor rotating "forward.
Looking at the Roboteq Controllers User Manual v2.0*, it mentions that values 1-2-3-4-5-6 are valid values, but not what order they should appear in. However, Figure 8-2 "Hall Sensor Sequence" does show a sequence of hall states, which I assume is the expected sequence for forward direction through two full electrical rotations. The sequence is:
A 1100011
B 0111000
C 000111
On my controller (HBL2360A) , using Hall Map 1, these correspond to the following Hall States:
HS 132645
HS is a 3-bit number that can take values [0,7] (values 0 and 7 are invalid for 120-degree spaces hall sensors.) It seems the leftmost bit of HS is from Hall C, the middle is Hall B, and the right is Hall A (I would have defined it the opposite bit order, but whatever.)

Now my first point of confusion: When I rotate my motor "forward" (clockwise), I observe this sequence, but it is backward (154623.) The Rotor Angle (ANG) increases, as does the Internal Sensor Count (CB), and the RPM Speed (BS) is positive. So, what is the correct expected Hall Status sequence for forward rotation? Does this depend on what Hall Map is being used?

Suggestion: It would be great if the manual just said what the expected sequences are for forward/backward rotation (for each Hall Map.)

My second point of confusion is that the HL23xx Datasheet shows the same Hall Sensors Sequence diagrams in Figure 7, BUT the UVW signs are inverted (+/-) and the status numbers are directionally swapped. Which is correct? Perhaps something was backwards, and this is related to why I think my sequence is backwards. 

*The documentation download page (www.roboteq.com/support/documentation-download) claims the Controllers User Manual was updates May 20, 2020, but the document in the link still says "V2.0, July 8, 2019". That should probably be updated.

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