Cannot spin BLDC motor even in open loop

2 years 7 months ago - 2 years 7 months ago #29535133 by sbastas
I am a newbie and have been trying to move the BLDC motor forward and reverse direction. Based on the digital inputs 1 and 2 that I activate through DB25 connector. Attached is the configuration and simple script that I wrote. Initially I was working on close loop but since it was all unsuccessful I changed the mode to open loop but still, motor does not move at all.  On the run screen, I do see motor power is increasing and decreasing from 0 to 198  but there is no change in the amps. Does anyone have an idea? I appreciate it in advance.  

actualspeed = getvalue(_BS,1)
If (getvalue(_D,0) = 1)                                                         
SetCommand(-g, 1, 1000)
'SetCommand(-g, 2, 0)

elseif (getvalue(_D,1)= 2)
SetCommand (-g, 1, -500)
'SetCommand (-g, 2, 0)

elseif (getvalue(_D,0)=0 and getvalue(_D,1)=0)
SetCommand(-g, 1, 0)
'SetCommand(-g, 2, 0)
end if

When I run the script in the console, I do see "engaged" and "actual speed=0" responses. So it is definitely taking the commands.

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2 years 6 months ago #29535139 by Athanasios
Hi Sbastas,
add at the bottom of your script a wait time and then repeat the script.

wait (100)
goto top

you need to send the command continuously as you there is a watchdog timer for safety.
otherwise you need to deactivate the watchdog timer from configuration tab commands/ command safety/ sub/rs232 safety/ watchdog(ms) 

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