KBL1660 fails to spin motor

3 years 5 days ago #29535191 by P.gazibara@gmail.com
Hey all, I began configuring my KBL1660 controller with my montenergy ME1716 motor.The auto configure feature keeps failing and the motor isn’t spinning. I’m using sinusoidal commutation. The motor has 5 pole pairs and one pair of sin/cos sensors. When I run the auto configure in the diagnostic tab I can see voltage on all three phases of the motor. I increased the seek amperage to 10amps yet the motor still won’t spin. In the run tab I can see that 10amps is applied, but the motor doesn’t spin. I tried verifying the sensors by spinning the motor by hand and I can see the sin/cos on the chart so I believe that is correct. I tried reading back through the user manual, but there must be something I’m missing. Also, the page number references in the manual are off and it’s pretty frustrating.

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