Maximum commutation speed SBL-series

2 years 8 months ago #29535193 by GijsB
Hello techsupport, community, Based on the specifications of the SBLM2360T motor drive on the Roboteq website, I have a technical question. We’ve already selected a motor/actuator/encoder combination from Maxon Motor, but we where searching for a servo-controller that is able to receive it’s setpoint via RC-PWM. My question is regarding the maximum commutation speed (and thus the maximum effective speed of the actuator). The selected motor has a max. rpm of 8000 and 4 pole-pairs, so the required commutation frequency at this speed is 4*8000/60=533 Hz. If I’m not mistaken, the sample-rate of the current-control-loop on the drive is 1000 Hz, so I was wondering if commutation at this frequency is even possible? If not, what would be your recommendation be in this application?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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