Controller unpromted restarting on running script

2 years 11 months ago - 2 years 11 months ago #29535214 by joepren
I am currently running in open loop mode as i have yet to connect any encoder. I have made sure to change
the motor configuration to the specifications of the motor. The script i
am running is the sample MicroBasic script "Self Test" using Roborun
Rev 2.1 on Windows 10. I have run the motor/sensor set up in the
diagnostics page successfully and watched the motor spin in both
directions. In the sample script i have commented out the lines about
the motor on channel 2 as i only have one motor connected. there is a
"wait (10)" at the end of the sample script so i dont believe it should
be entering an infinite loop. I am connected via USB and have attempted
to update the drivers (both with those included with roborun and the
additional downloadable drivers) and when manually trying to update the
driver in the "STM Device in DFU state" my pc says "windows has
determined you already have the best driver installed", likely because
there is no driver for Windows 10 instead of 8.

Despite all this, when i start the script it moves the motor ~1/8th of a rotation before
appearing to stall (still drawing significantly less current than
rated), and then the driver powers down and restarts itself. I am not
sure what else I can try to control this motor even in open loop mode
without crashing the driver.

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