MMOD command causes crash/reset controler

3 years 7 months ago #29535277 by Florian
i'm french beginner with the SBL1360A and microbasic...
i'm looking for a solution for a problem with the command MMOD through  my microbasic script.

everything is ok , i mean i can drive my BLDC motor in several modes with the PC utility  like open loop, closed loop speed, closed loop speed position, count position...
even with my script... but when i want to switch from open loop mode to the closed loop count position with this line in my script:


i think nothing happen because in my big script, there is no error/crash and the script continue the next comand. so i tried a simple whit only this command:
1-i do some operations in open loop with the configuration and run panels (run the motors etc...)
2- i stop the motor whith my mouse un the "stop" button 
3- i click on "run" button to execute my script that has only 1 line : SetCommand(_MMOD,1,3)
4- the SBL1360A crash/"lost connection" (reset ?) 

i already follow the section in the user manual to switche to closed loop, i think all the wiring is ok.
update the firmware done

PS: i noticed when i run a script et terminate him  the run panel to command the speed of my motor is not responding anymore until i power off and on the SBL controler ( i have not tried  a reset yet)

thanks in advance 

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