Stable closed-loop position control without gears?

2 years 3 months ago #29535377 by andycavatorta
I've got an array of brushed DC motors controlled by SDC2160s with feedback from CUI incremental rotary encoders.  I am positioning some rorary loads with some friction and a very low moment of inertia.  I've been having trouble finding a PID tuning in any position mode that doesn't overshoot and oscillate wildly.  I can dial down the Integral Gain and the Integrator Limit until there is too little power to overcome the friction.  But I haven't found a configuration between 'too weak to move' and oscillating wildly.  I've set the speed and acceleration settings as low as possible in an attempt to make the system less reactive.  But I'm not seeing the speed or acceleration damped at all. 
Is it possible to tune SDC2160s for stable position control withoutgears in the system?

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