Quickstop bit in DS402's control word triggers an emergency stop

2 years 5 months ago #29535401 by proTrom
Hi, I'm trying to interface with a SBLM2360T (2 channel) motor controller using (if possible) with just DS402-2 outlined SDO objects.

FW version: FID=Roboteq v2.1 SBL2XXX 11/20/2020

I'm using 2 BLDC motors and have the hall sensors attached to the controller.

I've been trying to trigger an immediate or "fast as possible" stop while a motor on ch2 is spinning using Torque Mode. I'm trying to use DS402 cmds as much as possible. So far I tried to set the following bits in the control word:

1. approach was to use the "halt" bit (torque mode), but I didn't see the motor stopping at all. I checked the EDEC value and set it to 50000 (RPM/s) assuming it would result in the fastest deacceleration.
2. approach was to use the "quick stop" bit, but this puts the FSA into a "quick stop active" which is no longer operational. To recover from this, I need to send an "shutdown" command which causes the FSA to properly get into the "Switch on disabled" state. From here on there are 2 issues, 1) it will not automatically transition into the "Ready to switch on" state. Using roborun+ I can see that after the "shutdown" command was issued, it enabled an Emergency Stop. And the Emergency Stop in turn also causes the motor channels that weren't "quick stop"d to become deactivated.

So, some questions:
1. Can I determine the cause of the Emergency Stop, or why an emergency stop was triggered when I shutdown the FSA?
2. Can I disable "emergency stop" situations using DS402 commands? (I am currently using CANopen object 0x200C and 0x200D)?
3. I would prefer to use the "halt" bit, which would keep the FSA in an operational state. Any ideas on why it's not ramping the motor down to 0 RPM? An particular settings (apart from the EDEC) I should check?


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2 years 5 months ago - 2 years 4 months ago #29535413 by JensDasse
Hi....seems like electrical clamor, enough to trigger an Estop however doesn't continue. I figure you should attempt a touch of info separating on you breaking point and Estop lines.
What kind of shaft would you say you are utilizing?. The axle is by a wide margin and away the greatest electrical commotion generator in many machines, in the event that you can tame it a large portion of your commotion issues vanish.

pcb turnkey

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