Regulating PWM output/current output to the motor with FBL2360T

1 year 10 months ago #29535430 by alhaddad
Hello everyone,
On the basis of the documentation provided by RoboteQ, is it right that in open loop mode the output signal to the motors is a PWM? And how can we regulate this output? Because there are no enough informations about it in the User manual.
Another concern, in torque mode the !G command refers to a relative current, depending on the current limitation. However, and after calculating and setting the right P and I gains for this mode, I still can't get a correct current value relative to the current limit (let's say the current limit is equal 10A, the actual current never reaches 5A at a !G command of 500). Although the P gain is relatively low, setting higher P gains causes the motor to rotate in an indefinite and turbulent rhythm. So what would be a solution for this issue?

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