FBL2360A soft-STO feature

2 years 2 months ago #29535456 by itay_kedem
Hi all, 

I'm using RoboteQ FBL2360A FW 2.1 driver to control my AMR (2 LV servo motor) in closed-loop-speed mode. 
since I have SICK safety PLC on my platform i want to use it to stop the motors (via the driver of course). 
Connection one of the SICK FLX3-CPUC2 digital output to one of the DB25 connector inputs (DIN1, pin 15) of the driver is monitoring on the RoboRun+ software, and I can see these input state during changing. 
I tried to configure the relevant DIN to be safe-STO but nothing happens in any state of the DIN - meaning the motors are moving while safe-STO is triggered or. 
any idea what should i do? 

beside that - I can also configure the input to be an E-stop or safe stop feature, but it's seems that it doesn't work as I expected - after the DIN is triggered the drive stay in E-stop/safe stop mode, and don't change back to an normal state after the DIN is triggered back. 

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