Unable to modify config and upgrade firmware [SBL2360T]

2 years 1 month ago #29535488 by J.Damnberg
We're having problems with two SBL2360 motor controllers - when attempting to reconfigure them from the Roborun+ utility, some of the changes, such as encoder PPR, are not saved (yes, Save to Controller was clicked). Both of them have v2.0 firmware. Installed version of Roborun+  is v2.1. We also have several controllers of the same model with newer firmware - they save the new config without problem. 
Attempting to update either of the two controllers also poses a problem. Updating via the COM port starts fine, but quickly closes the respective COM port and throws message "The port is closed". Updating over USB manages to restart the controller in DFU mode (shows up as STM32 DFU under Device Manager), however, the controller does not show up in the Roboteq DFU Loader window.
Has any fellow user encountered these problems? It would be quite a relief to have a single config file for all the controllers (they're all used for the same purpose) , which is not easily possible with the differing firmware versions. The helpdesk has remained silent for twelve days now, so any help would be much appreciated.

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