Internal limit active in DS402 mode in v2.1 firmware

1 year 5 months ago #29535575 by lkm1321

I'm using an RGBL1896 in DS402 mode with ros_canopen driver ( 

I recently upgraded from v2.0.1 firmware to v2.1. After the upgrade, I noticed that the controller sets internal limit active bit of the status word (bit 11 in 0x6041) more frequently than before. The manual says this is due to the current limit being reached, but the current reported on Roborun is much lower than the amps limit (ALIM) and amps trigger (ATRIG). I have the following questions: 

1. Are there other conditions for setting the internal limit active bit, other than current limit? The user manual says the command may be out of range as well, but DS402 manual only refers to current limit. It would be good to know all possible conditions that leads to internal limit active bit being set. 
2. The driver I'm using used to throw an error and moved the controller into safestop when internal limit active bit is set. With the v2.1 upgrade, I'm simply generating a user warning without going into safestop. Is this a safe practice given Roboteq's DS402 implementation?


Brian Lee


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