MBL1660 firmware update

2 years 3 months ago #29535611 by jbcolle
Hi all,

We're having some trouble updating the firmware of our MBL1660 controller. When connected to the Roborun+ utility (Rev 2.2Beta, but 2.1 behaved the same way) via USB, the following error is displayed: "Control unit configuration menu file is missing; Power unit configuration menu file is missing". This seemed to indicate a firmware update is needed. Seeing as the option to update via USB was greyed out, we connected it via RS232. When trying to upload the firmware available in the download centre (v2.1, v2.01 and v2.01 overall), the following error was shown: "The firmware you are trying to install is not compatible with your hardware. Please select an earlier release or contact tech support.". My question thus is the following: does anyone have older firmware for the MBL1660 that you can send us? The current firmware ID is v1.7.

Also, when trying to update the firmware to v2.1, the controller entered a mode unknown to me. The green power LED is on solidly, but the other two LED's are off. The PC utility also doesn't recognise the controller anymore. Does anybody have an idea what this could be?

Thanks in advance,

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