Set Motor Output Acceleration via CAN

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I'm in the final stages of testing a system and would like to be able to change configuration values over CAN. I have a Raspberry Pi with its own WLAN and so I can use "cansend" to send anything I'd like. To test this, I'm using the Roboteq Motor Control Utility in the console.

I'd like to test different values for the Motor Output | Speed & Acceleration | Acceleration (RPM/s) configuration values without being connected to the Motor Control Unit via USB or Serial. I've tried a variety of commands from the Command Reference of the User Manual (V 2.1 December 3, 2020) with firmware v2.01 SBLM2XXX 11/14/2019.  

Granted the software I'm testing is setting speed targets using its own PID logic, but I was hoping that using the !AC and !DC commands would let me change the rate of acceleration. The only time that seems to work is if I  use !AC and the set the speed with the "!G" command. If I use !AC and !DC but then run the embedded software which uses 0x2000 to send the speed command, the acceleration and deceleration rates seem to be wholly ignored.

The entire system is running in Open Loop because I'm an controlling the speed ramp with my own PID library.

I'd appreciate any pointers to what I'm overlooking or misunderstanding.

Thanks so very much


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