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Hi there,
I am trying to use a brand new SDC2160 in MiniCan mode. I succesfully used a FBL2360 in this mode and I configured the SDC2160 with the exact same configuration settings and script (see attachments). Unfortunately, I can't get it to work properly. The SDC2160 just doesn't spit out any can message on pin 6 and 7 (I am monitoring these pins with an oscilloscope). I have hooked the thing up to a 12V power supply on the big screw terminals and on the little pins for GND/PowerCtrl like it’s shown in the data sheet. There is no motor connected yet. Communication via USB works flawlessly. Can cable is connected to pin 6 and 7 on the IO connector. There is a 120 Ohm resistor directly across the pins on the connector. Disconnecting USB doesn't make any difference.

Flashing of the LEDs shows:
Communication LED: Idle – Waiting for Command
Power LED: Solid green
Status LED: No USB, CAN enabled (Doesn’t change when USB is connected)

After measuring around with the scope I had it miraculously working for some minutes, but after disconnecting the scope and powering it up again it didn’t work anymore. I didn’t change anything in the meantime.

The picture in the attachments shows what the scope looks like when connected directly to pin 7 (without can cable and resistor). Pin 6 shows constant 0V. I was able see the can messages on the scope when it was working. Now there is only this strange periodic signal on pin 7. Adding the resistor results in having it on both CAN-H and CAN-L.

Do you have any idea what I might be doing wrong?

Roborun+ Rev
Firmware ID: Roboteq v2.1 SDC2XXX 11/20/2020

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