DOUT4 pin schematic

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DOUT4 pin schematic was created by tato_lx
I'm using the SBL2360T dual motor controller. From what I understood in the forums the DOUT4 pin (available in the DSUB-25 connector as pin 7) is a simple open collector pin which outputs either GND or open collector.
I have this pin pulled up with a 10k to 24V. When I output a "Low" I see 30mV which seems ok. BUT when I output a high, instead of the 24V output I see a an output of 1.7V. Seems like there is some kind of voltage divider. So it seems there is internally in the Roboteq circuitry a resitsor of about 762 ohms. 

Is this correct? Seems kind of weird. if this indeed is right what is the suggested circuit to read this pin? Thanks

- Renato Valentim

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