Closed loop does not work

1 year 6 months ago - 1 year 6 months ago #29535986 by robo-team
We have FBL2360A v.2.0 controller and MOOG BGS34 brushless motor connected to that.
So far it works in Open loop without problem. I want to run it in Closed Loop Speed mode.
In the Roborun+ I did the following:
- Reset default (to clear all the previous settings)
- Set "Number of pole pairs" to 4 
- Set "Operation mode" to "Open Loop Speed"
- Set "Closed Loop Parameters/Integral Gain" to 1.0
- Set "Closed Loop Feedback Sensor" to "Internal Sensor"

The rest of settings are default. Unfortunately after changing the "Command" slider in the Run tab (although to 1) the Roboteq resets with UnderVolt error.
I don't really understand what causes to this behavior and how can I fix that. What did I missed? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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