BLDC motor control failure with SBL 1360A

8 months 3 days ago #29536113 by iliyan57
I am facing the following problem: 

I am trying to controll brushless DC motor with SBL 1360A. The motor does not have a hall effect sensor, but I have connected encoder for the feedback. In both open loop and closed loop mode the motor does not turn properly, when I apply run command it only turns little bit and starts to vibrate. I tried both trapezoidal and sinusoidal switching modes - no change.

Note: While rotating the rotor by hand I determined that the controller IS able to recognize and properly read values from the encoder.

Can someone give usefull advice on how to get the motor running ? Is it possible, that this configuration SBL 1360A + BLDC motor without Hall sensor is uncompatible ? Thanks in advance !


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