Reconfigure CANopen COBID on RPDO1

1 year 7 months ago #29536121 by proTrom

Using v2.1:SBLM2360T

I'm trying to change RPDO1's COBID on the Roboteq controller.
The Roboteq has Node ID: 0x1, so the default COBID for RPDO1 (1400h,1h) is 0x201.
If I keep the COBID as 0x201, our system works.
If I change RPDO1's COBID to 0x1B0, it doesn't seem to "apply" the values to the mapped objects.
If I change RPDO1's COBID to 0x301 (while disabling RPDO2), then the system also works.
This implies that it's possible to change the COBID in the RPDO1 communication parameters, but it's likely that there might be a CAN filter in place - specifically for CAN messages that aren't intended for the assigned Node ID.

Can someone from Roboteq confirm if the controller is doing some sort of CAN ID filtering? If so, how can this be disabled? I didn't see any setting in roborun+ to configure any sort of CAN ID filtering.


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