Can we use the SBLMG2360 controllers to control frameless BLDC motors

1 month 2 weeks ago #29536252 by uditag

I have some frameless BLDC motors (RI80, KV75) frameless BLDC motors lying around. I would like to use the SBLMG2360 to control them. Is it possible because i tried using some local controllers (they were mostly FOC types) and they seemed to have failed. They were either not able to ramp the motor to its full speed (this i think was because in that controller we only had an option of selecting 2 and 4 poles, while my motor has 14 poles (7 pairs), so the max speed was limited) or with one controller (ALPHA series ESC 60A) it drove the motor well at low speeds, but as soon as i increase the speed beyong 600rpm, themotion became jittery as if the controller was going into some sort of current chopper mode.

My motors Ph-Ph inductance is 988mH and L/R is 3.52ms (Ph to ph resistance is 280mOhm) and it has 14 poles (7 pole pairs). It is a frameless inrunner with KV value of 75 from T-motors China, max rated current at max rated load of 10.4A and max rated speed of 2000rpm at 36V.

I have already wasted a lot of money on trying other controllers, and would like to go for SBLMG2360 now, but would like to confirm if it can work for this motor. I have 3 motors and plan to use two SBLMG2360 (one driving two motors, and the other driving one motor with the other channel free for future use).

Pls advise.


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3 weeks 1 day ago #29536269 by jeremy.batson
Hello Udit,

I apologize about our late response, the RoboteQ forum has fallen behind in our list of priorities, however, I am hoping to change that and help out.

In the case that you haven't been assisted with this, our controllers will be a great match for your motors. Your motors meet all of the minimum specifications of our controllers (minimum inductance, resistance, pole pair to speed, etc;). the SBLMG2360 will have no problem running your motor at the desired speed with the pole pair count you have. 

I can confirm that the SBLMG2360 will work with this motor.

With Kind Regards
Jeremy Batson
Field Application Engineer

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