Older versions of FBL2XXX firmware

3 months 2 days ago #29536294 by emuacfr
I am attempting to operate an older hardware version of FBL2360 - the most recent firmware update, V2.1a seems to be causing the unit to behave oddly - specifically, the status light shows 'short' status - and this behaviour was not present when operating earlier firmware versions.
To help debug the problem, I'd like to re-flash the controller with V2.0, and perhaps V2.1, though I cant find where I can download this firmware - can you show me where it's available, or make it available to me?

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3 months 1 day ago #29536295 by GeorgeD
Hi emuacfr,

Are you using the newest v2.1a release 26/5/23 ?If not, it can be found here : www.roboteq.com/support/files-download

Generally, the short error means that the motor current exceeded by at least 20% your Amps Limit parameter. It could be caused by a malfunctioning commutation sensor, or if the Motor sensor setup has not been performed properly. Some necessary configurations are : Correct pole pairs, refererence seek power = Nominal motor amps , Encoder PPR set according to datasheet.
If you still have trouble with this, please open a ticket in our HelpDesk, and provide us with your configuration profile and the steps you took.

George Derleres,
Field Application Engineer

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