SBL2360 Motor Amps vs. Battery Amps

1 month 2 weeks ago #29536341 by GMAN
I am working with a Teknic brushless DC motor connected to a SBL2360 and a 50:1 gearbox. I am observing behaviour I do not understand:

When the motor is not attached to the gearbox, the motor amps always reads greater than the battery amps when in open loop mode for all G input commands. This is the behaviour I would expect, as the instantaneous phase current is higher than the battery current.

Once attached to the gearbox, the motor/gearbox exhibit correct behaviour, where the motor amps is higher than the battery amps in open loop. However. upon reaching 1000 RPM (this is motor command G 500 (eg 50% power), the motor amps and battery amps become equal. From G 500 to G 1000, the motor amps is capped at 6 Amps, while the battery amps continue to climb to ~15 Amps.

4 pole pairs
Hall Sensing, Sin/Cos snesor poles: 4 (verified via unpowered turn)
Amp limit 30 A (max discharge of my current battery)
Max Power 100%

Any insight is appreciated

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