GBL2660T - CanOPEN - TPDO send rate does not change

1 week 4 days ago #29536434 by lucifer6869
I have a custom library for CANopen built to interface with the GBL2660T controller, and it has been working well. Now, I am trying to use TPDO to receive data such as MCU temperature and the current in motor channels 1 and 2. I used Roborun+ to set the respective index and subindex in the TPDO mapping and configured the TPDO1 rate to 3000ms. However, the rate at which I receive the TPDO messages is much higher, possibly around 10ms, and I am unable to change this.

Moreover, setting the rate to 0ms doesn't stop the TPDO messages; the only way to stop them is to delete the mapping. Additionally, I can't seem to send commands over CAN while TPDO is enabled.

I need help figuring this out.

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