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We are using two motors, one for speed and one for position on an omnidirectional robot whose wheels are mechanically coupled. We bought the encoder pack to allow the wheels to turn multiple revolutions. We are wondering if the software is able to handle multiple revolutions for closed loop position control. Also, if so, we are having trouble finding encoders that meet the 50 mA current requirement that aren't extremely expensive. If multiple revolutions are capable through use of an analog sensor we would be willing to use these. Any help or suggestions on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Ben and Matt - University of Detroit Mercy

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19 years 11 months ago #846387 by cosma
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The software for position mode is currently in debug. It will allow you to have multiple turns to reach a desired position.

Essentially, the encoder module will return a "distance to position" of -127 to +127. That reported distance is the encoder count multiplied by a user selectable ratio. If 1 then 1 count = distance unit, 2, 2 counts = 1 distance unit, 4 counts = 1 distance unit, etc ...

The 50mA is not a tight restriction. In reality, you can go up to 125mA. 50mA was suggested so that you still have some power left to power external components such as radio, on the connector output.


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