"Programming completed message not detected"

9 years 9 months ago #29529491 by cweibel
I have finally got the PC Utility Configuration program running, however when I enter ?FUPD 321654987 in the riocom on the Raspberry Pi I get the line feedback "-". I then run the PC config sensor firmware update and connect the DB9/USB to my computer. It loads to an extend but then says the firmware update failed, "Programming completed message not detected". Also when I try to do the sensor calibration I get the error "unable to load mag calibration". Any suggestions?

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9 years 9 months ago #29529493 by Griffin Baker
Replied by Griffin Baker on topic "Programming completed message not detected"
The syntax is incorrect and a mistake on our end in the documentation. It is % sign instead. Does your Rio unit have a usb on it or is it the older version pcb board without it? The new firmware update that was introduced to support can bus requires the one with the usb to do the update.

Here is a link that has some xml files, firmware, and other info that will be useful to you.


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