PWM Input remains 0?

8 years 6 months ago #29530372 by mjepson
PWM Input remains 0? was created by mjepson
I have connected the PWM output of a MGS1600 to input 4 of my RIO board. When I call "?AI 4" repeatedly, it gives various voltages (as expected). When I use a scope to view the signal, I see a pulse signal on the line.
But, when I do "?PI 4" it always returns 0.

I have set the pulse output on the MGS1600 to 250Hz, 500Hz and MultiPWM, but none is seen by the board.

I have set the board to read Raw PWM on the input, and have tried setting "Pulse 4" to "Pulse Width Capture", "Duty Cycle capture" and "MagSensor capture", but none of these will give the desired result.
How can I get the board to see the PWM output of the MGS1600 sensor?

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