CABLE-RC2 Spektrum AR610

7 years 5 months ago - 7 years 5 months ago #29531364 by iphillipsca
Hello All,

I recently purchased a MDC2230 and the CABLE-RC2. This will be my first time using an RC TX unit(Spektrum DX6) with the Roboteq line.

My question- The CABLE-RC2 has three RC plugs labeled B, B, 2. I thought it was just a two channel unit. Am I missing something?
The errata doesn't mention this label format either.


Solved- Looks like the extra B was a mislabeled 1. All good.

Digging further, has anyone used the "Bnd/Data" port on the AR610 to communicate with a controller? I see that there is one shown in the manual. Just wondered if it was the same thing.

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