robopad connector issue

3 years 6 months ago #29535316 by Parkomot
Hello all,

I am dealing with an automatic car parking system ( but it is not AGV method)
We need to charge EV cars
Basicaly the car is parked on a metal pallet , the client will connect his EV car to a type 2 socket placed on the pallet.
The pallet will then moved automaticaly to its final position in the parking basement .
The charging unit is located in the basement and I am looking for a solution based on your ROBOPAD idea, to connect the pallet (and through that the car on it) with the charging unit.
As I understand, your Robopad has only 2 lines and I need 7 lines (as in type 2 connectors including PP and CP wires)
Also it is better is the connector will be vertical . The magnet wil release the 5 lines connector when the pad will be in fromt of it (dustance of 2-3 cm)
Is that feasible?
Thank you for your support , Michael

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