RS232 RIOX communication with a PC

1 year 2 weeks ago #29536073 by matteopacini
Hi all,
I would like to exchange information and commands between a RIOX-1216AHRS and a PC (OS Win 10) via RS232 communication. The PC has only USB ports so I have connected a RS232-USB converter between the DB9 port on the RIOX and the USB input on the PC.
I tried to test the communication using Hercules tool on Windows with the following serial settings:
  • Baud: 115200, as the setup on RIOX utility
  • Data size: 8
  • Parity: none
I have tried several queries by sending simply ?FID or ?T with the console on Hercules but nothing comes back.
Any suggestion? Is there any error in the setup or in sending commands?

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