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9 years 2 months ago - 9 years 2 months ago #29529959 by billygmoon
OK, just installed the nav computer (AHRS) version. Ran the test command and everything reads good. Wanted to make sure and install the latest firmware, so I wanted to do that via riocom per instructions. I run riocom, do the CNTRL-a a command to fix line feeds. Type "?FID" and return but don't get any response from the AHRS board? I then just exit the serial terminal emulator with CNTRL-a x, press yes and get dumped back to shell. Is there something I'm missing? Does this work out of box or do I have to do something with the PC utility first?

I'm basically just a mac (OS/X) user, so "PC" utilities don't do it for me. Could install a VM, windows and then the utility, find a USB to serial converter, hook some cables up and try that, but why bother if this works?

Oops, wanted to add, running Raspbian, noobs install. Connecting to Pi over SSH. running commands with 'sudo' from the shell prompt.

-- just figured it for myself --> seems the first command is lost. Just enter it a second time and the RIO responds :)
<get back>
FID=Roboteq v1.3 RIOAHRS 03/17/2014

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