Dual 2130's with can and ROS

7 years 3 weeks ago #29532006 by griz11
I have a 4 wheel drive bot. I'm using 2 2130 controllers with can bus. I have it hooked up so each controller controls a side and the master controller is running a mixing script I found here in the forums modified for my setup. It all works on the radio which the script is written for. But I need it to be ROS compatible so it will be autonomous. I have the 2130's running with the roboteq driver from Clearpath that is on github. Works great. Problem is the other controller. I've been trying to use the method in the mixing script to get it to work but not having much success so far. But I was thinking last night I can run 2 instances of the controller driver since they are on different serial ports and use each controller to run either the front two wheels or the back two wheels and use the onboard mixing and not really needing the can bus or mixing script. The driver comes with a mbs script to deal with ROS already. Each controller driver will read from the same publisher on ROS nothing has to be done there so they will get the same commands. If each controller is set up the same way and have the same motors they should act exactly the same right? Or within reason. Any thing that might not work with this setup? One thing I'm concerned with is if say the rear motors are running a little or a lot faster than is my odometry reading will be all fouled up. So the bot will not know where it is. Or it will be large enough difference to throw an error and bring things to a halt. These controller are slick. You gotta RTFM but they are sweet. By the way this driver github.com/g/roboteq is all you need to use Roboteq controllers with ROS. You will need to change a few parameters in the mbs script to reflect your encoder counts etc. All plainly documented. Its plug and play pretty much.
Works on all these controllers:

Brushed DC: HDC24xx, VDC24xx, MDC22xx, LDC22xx, LDC14xx, SDC1130, SDC21xx
Brushless DC: HBL16xx, VBL16xx, HBL23xx, VBL23xx, LBL13xx, MBL16xx, SBL13xx
Sepex: VSX18xx

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7 years 3 weeks ago #29532008 by blake
Replied by blake on topic Dual 2130's with can and ROS
Hi Dan, thank you for your post

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6 years 3 months ago #29532680 by alkaza
Replied by alkaza on topic Dual 2130's with can and ROS
Hi Dan,

I am new to ROS (just finished the beginner's tutorials) and I have purchased Roboteq SBL1360 to control an autonomous RC. I could not find any guidelines on how to use the Roboteq driver provided by the Clearpath Robotics. Could you please give me any hints on where to start or maybe direct me to some resources online?

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