CANbus/Roboteq wheelchair control system - factory made boards & new upload

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My first order of factory populated printed circuit boards for the full CANbus system arrived a couple weeks ago. I kept one set for my use, and assembled and tested it thoroughly. A second set of boards is on its way to a wheechair user in Great Britain. Three sets are immediately available, and others will be ordered as necessary (the more people sign on, the more I can order, and the lower the cost). I will send them at cost first-come first-served.

My cost per set was:
Boards (incl. shipping to me): EURO 295.43
VAT & Customs: EURO 22.41
to which you would have to add the cost for shipping from Italy to you.

Though there's still a fair amount of work involved in putting such a system together even with the factory-populated boards, I do strongly urge you to consider using the CANbus system rather than analog connection of a Roboteq. The chair wiring will be much simpler, CANbus is intrinsically safe, and it is far easier to tune user settings and/or modify the programming for particular needs.

I have just uploaded the latest revisions of software, hardware and User's Manual to GoogleDrive. The link is: Among the changes, the script now auto-checks for whether internal motor voltage measurement is accurate or estimated from battery current or whether external current sensors are present and functional.

Although those files include the latest analog-only version of the Roboteq script, that version will only be updated if serious safety or driveability flaws are found. If you need something personalized in that script, you will be on your own.

The CANbus version will, however, be continuously maintained and updated as needed not only to fix bugs, but to add functionality from time to time, or to adapt it to particular user's needs.

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