controlling a DC motor using 2 encoders

2 years 1 day ago - 2 years 1 day ago #29535352 by railman
hello everyone.
first, sorry for my english as i'm french.
second, i'm quite new in the electronic world.

i have a quick question before digging for more informations.
i need to create a system to controle the position of a DC motor

I have a MDC 2260 roboteq and wanted to create a system using two encoders.
the first one would give the information of the rotation wanted (input)
the second would check that the motor did move and stopped to the good position (feedback)

i need to reproduce exactly the movement of the 1 encoder by the motor checked by the second encoder.

as i said, before, i just need to check wether this is possible using only the MDC2260 without adding an other microcontroller.

checking on the roboteq utility, it seems that MDC2260 under 1.8 version allows to define encoder 1 as motor command and encoder 2 as feedback. 
but, unless i did miss something (and i hope i did) the newer versions (MDC2460 for instance) don't allow to define an encoder as a motor command.....

any help greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance for your help.

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