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In this section you will find links to some of the many creative applications of our controllers. We invite all our users to send us pictures, videos, and description of their application. Alternatively, you may submit links to a web site, or blog featuring your realisation.


Roboteq motor controllers are used in over 2000 different user applications. Below is a only a partial listing of motion and robotic system. If you are a Roboteq user, please let us know about your application so that we can add it, along with a link back to your company.

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r2d2 built with dc motor controller from roboteqStar War's R2D2 has inspired a generation of engineers and engineers-to-be to poursue the field of Robotics. If you ever dreamed of having your own droid, this article will shows how you could.

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The AX2550 Motor Controller has been installed in four of the 20 robotic vehicles that were vying for the $1M prize that DARPA was offering to the winner of the Los Angeles to Las Vegas race held on Saturday March 14, 2004. These vehicles had to find their way and drive the 210-mile trek without a human driver or operator, using solely their own sensors and computers to recognize and navigate through the difficult mountainous and desert terrain.

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remotely operated high power water canons use Roboteq dc motor controllersHigh-seas piracy has emerged as a modern-day plague. Commercial ships are regularly hijacked and crew held captive until large ransoms are paid. Thanks to new non-lethal, remotely operated high power water canons, pirates will no longer have such an easy job.

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roboteq brushed dc motor controllerWhile using Roboteq controller in Robot Combat explicitly voids the product warranty, this has not prevented making the AX2550 be one of the most popular choice for this sport where absolute brutality rules. Finally succumbing to a wiring error, one badly bruised unit made it back to our labs after 5 years surviving 200+ fights, during which the robot was hammered, rammed into, or thrown up to 10ft in the air.

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hexapod robot uses roboteq dc motor controllersEngineers at the Scientific and Industrial Research in South Africa have developed a legged research robot called  Kokorot which translates into English as cockroach. Three dual channel SDC2130 brushed DC Motor controllers are used for driving the six legs the Hexapod robot. The robot is simply remotely controlled and was part of a project to investigate traction over rough terrain using various propulsion methodologies.

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