hexapod robot uses roboteq dc motor controllersEngineers at the Scientific and Industrial Research in South Africa have developed a legged research robot called  Kokorot which translates into English as cockroach. Three dual channel SDC2130 brushed DC Motor controllers are used for driving the six legs the Hexapod robot. The robot is simply remotely controlled and was part of a project to investigate traction over rough terrain using various propulsion methodologies.

The Kokorot robot is powered by Lithium Ion batteries, low cost DC Motors and three Roboteq SDC2130 controllers where each controller is running a custom script to control two motors. The position of a robot ‘leg’ is measured by a continuous potentiometer, and the script then operates the motor at a required speed to a required position. A central controller, a home-grown AVR32 based embedded platform called “Green Mamba”, determines the required ‘gait’ and communicates all the required speeds and positions to each controller via serial interface. Bi-Directional communication of all data is achieved via the use of a number of registers which are not used by the controller for this particular application.


Some initial results are shown in the movies that can be found at

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