Roboteq motor controllers are used in over 2000 different user applications. Below is a only a partial listing of motion and robotic system. If you are a Roboteq user, please let us know about your application so that we can add it, along with a link back to your company.

  Company/Country Specialty Roboteq Product(s) Why Roboteq
smart-motion---agrobot-wide Agrobot / Spain Agricultural Robots SDC2130 Small size, computer inteface, scripting language
smart-motion---artistril-wide Artisteril / Spain AGVs MDC2460, MGS1600 Magnetic guide sensor, dual channel, scritping language
smart-motion----r2d2-wide Art Robotic Studios / Italy Robotics MDC2230 RC control, dual channel, skid steering
smart-motion---dronyx-wide Dronyx / Italy Robotics HDC2450, SDC2150 Small to Large controllers, battery operation, Linux API
smart-motion---ferno-wide Ferno / USA Emergency Care systems Custom Motor Controller High power, dual channel, scripting language
smart-motion---jitacam-wide Jitacam / Australia Camera equipment SDC2130 Small size, multichannel, analog interfaces
smart-motion---mirage-agv-wide Mirage Services / UK Automation & AGVs HDC2450, SDC2150, MGS1600 High power, rugged, dual channel
smart-motion---proytecsa-wide Proytecsa / Spain Security Robots HDC2450, MDC2460 High power, rugged, dual channel
smart-motion---remotek-wide Remotek / Portugal Camera equipment HBL1660, MBL1660 Brushless motor support, multiple interfaces
smart-motion---scallog-wide Scallog / France Logistic systems SDC2130, MDC2230 Dual channel, high power, computer interface
smart-motion---seaways-wide Seaways / France Marine systems HDC2450 Dual channel, RC Radio and computer interface
smart-motion---segula-wide Segula / France Electro Mechanical Engineering HDC2450 Dual channel, IO, scripting langage
smart-motion---shaddow-cady-wide Shaddow Caddy / S.Africa Robotics MDC2230 Dual channel, high efficiency, computer interface
smart-motion---tecdron-wide Tecdron / France Robotics SDC2150, MDC2460, HDC2450 Small to Large controllers, battery operation, multiple interfaces
smart-motion---tiger-tugs-wide Tiger Tugs / USA Aircraft tugs HDC2450, SDC2160 High power, Open and close loop modes, RC radio interface
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