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my Roboteq SDC2150SN motor controller shows a torque spike every 50 millisecond when I provide a constant motor command signal. I can\'t find out where this torque ripple comes from. When I use a power supply instead of the Roboteq controller the ripple does not appear. Does anyone have an idea what could cause a ripple like this?

Please find attached a pdf-file that contains plots of the torque ripple, using 2 load sensors measuring the vertical load of the electric scooter wheels.

Thank you very much in advance.

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There is nothing in the controller with 50ms periodicity.

Is the controller operating in open loop?

Capture a log of motor command, motor command, battery volts, battery amps.

To get max details in the log, disable flags/fault/din/dout/anain/pulsein from monitorin in the run tab.

Send the log to support at

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