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7 years 3 weeks ago #29527867 by Zoilo
Very Low RPM - SDC2130 was created by Zoilo

I have a motor with an encoder with 2.43 pulse/revolution (with a reducer)
I want a very slow speed in closed loop.

The first problem is the \".43\" but i can make a conversion after
the second problem is, in slow speed the Value \"RPM\" display 0 750 1500 and oscillates many times all the time

I had this problem in an other context, when the speed is to low you don\'t have enough pulse to calculate the speed
to resolve this problem i took a bigger time base under to calcul

It\'s possible to do this with this controler?
I need a special fimware?
this isn\'t the right problem*, i have an other problem?

Thank you

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7 years 3 weeks ago #29527868 by roboteq
Replied by roboteq on topic Very Low RPM - SDC2130
The controller is not able to capture speed if the pulse frequency is low.

It is always best to have the encoder on the motor and not after the reducer. If on the reducer, you must have a very large count in order to measure speed with a decent resolution.

If you cannot change your hardware, then one suggestion is that you connect your pulse to a pulse input on the 15-pin connector. Then configure that input for frequency capture. The minimum capture frequency allowed is around 16Hz, which may still be too high in your case, but this is the best the controller can do.

Then, once you have the frequency, you know the speed and you will need to write a script to create a simple PID that uses the captured frequency as feedback, and adjusts the motor.

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7 years 2 weeks ago #29527886 by Zoilo
Replied by Zoilo on topic Very Low RPM - SDC2130

I solve my problem.
I use an encoder with more resolution directly on the motor.
I have found good PID coefficient and it work

Thank you

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