HBL2360 Dual channel controller RS232 not working

2 years 7 months ago #29534421 by roverbuilder

I'm using HBL2360 dual channel controller to control two BLDC motors using RC input.
At the same time I made a micro-basic script to get the telemetry data from Roboteq controller over RS232.

I have connection to HB:2360 over USB. And this script runs without problem by giving data through USB to console.

I want to get data from RS232. For that, I use Prolific RS232 - USB converter cable with RS232 gender changer adapter.
No success in getting anything from RS232. Cable connections were checked.

Is there any setting in PC utility that I need to enable to get RS232 data.
(Serial watchdog = 0) I want to disable serial watchdog.

Looking for any suggestions.

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2 years 6 months ago #29534427 by roverbuilder
To update about the situation.

I got response from Roboteq. The serial communication need to be done using DB25 connector.

Instead of DB9 connected I used DB 25 connector pin 2,3 and 5. Then it worked with PC utility.

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