PID tuning for dummies

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Hi Erik!
Are you using chinese hub wheel motors in you project? If I understod correctly you also had issue with the 15 polepair motor. I am having similar issues, but with first trying out with hbl2360 which with one channel could count upto 120 counts per rotation but the fbl2360 counting only 90 pulses per rotation. Also I have problems in open loop when controlling with roborun+ that sometimes the motors will not start to move no matter what. Unless I first rotate to opposite direction or give some help with hand. Did you run into problems like this? Could you please tell me what motors did you use and from what manufacturer?
Best regards

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I use 15 pole motors 36V but don't know a brandname, i searched a lot on the chinese websites but there doesn't seem to be a brandname for those motors. Also i still don't know if my motors are geared or not but they drive very good in open loop mode, i give them 10 amp each and 42 V. I need more power though and tried 20 A which works much better, i use 5A fuses one for each channel. Even on 20A the fuses never broke.

I have had the same problem that a motor wouldn't start untill pushed but that was in closed loop speed mode, speed position mode works better...speed mode doesn't work well at all and it's impossible to finetune the PID-settings.

My motors count 90 on a full turn but the hall-settings are not important, they also run on hallsettings 30. The only issue was i had runaway motors because the firmware had a bug, i got new firmware which works better...Still have to try it controlled by Arduino. I will test that next week since i'm building a sweepingsystem first now and want the wheels to be perfect first.

I want to make the robot 4wd but the roboteq controllers are so expensive and i can't find cheap brushless controllers who run the CAN protocol.

If you have problems like the hallsensors count 120 you better ask Blake or the backoffice-guys, they built the whole controller and know much more about those issues. Seems very odd that one controller counts 120 and another counts 90 but if that's really what you measure i guess it's in the firmware together with your used motors.
Hubmotors are great for this controller, Roboteq should test with them a lot so they know every issue which can show up.

I use exactly the same 10 inch motors as in this video...10 inch are the big ones...
Those smaller ones do exist with a gearbox inside and in some video's they say the smaller ones have more torque.

on the website you can see loads of hubmotors, if you search for geared hubmotors on alibaba you also find a lot....or goldenmotor also sells them.

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Read on this post. After reading the whole post, we can get solutions to deal with the trouble quickly and safely. Thanks for your nice sharing.

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