AC Induction Motor Controllers

AC Induction motors are industry workhorses thanks to their simple and inexpensive construction. They are commonly used in traction for electric vehicles. AC Induction motors are being used increasingly in robotics and automation applications thanks to advanced electronic controls. Roboteq offers a growing line of single and dual channel Variable Frequency Drives for AC Induction motors, ranging from 60A to 500A per channel. Just match the voltage and current rating using our Product Tables below, or the Product Finder.

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FIM23XX Family
SInge & Dual Channel
Mid Power

HIM2XXX Family
Single & Dual Channel
High Power / Air Cooled

Single Channel
Very High Power



Ideal for Small EV's and Heavy Robots


AC Induction motors are among the simplest to interface. This is due to their only requiring a 3-wire connection to operate in their most basic mode. More efficient control can be achieved using advanced algorithems, such as Field Oritented Control (FOC).

Roboteq controllers can be used with practically any AC Induction motor within the specified Power and Voltage range.



Guaranteed to Work with Your AC Motor

Four drive modes are available, ranging from the simplest Scalar to the most complex Field Oriented Control modes. Operating your motor will be a plug and play experience. Expert tools and support will allow you to fine tune and get the most of your motor.

Mode Feedback Description Advantages/Disadvantages
Scalar / VpH None Simple, open-loop mode where Voltage and Frequency change together at a fixed ratio

Pro: Simplest, always works with any motor

Con: Inefficient with variable load

Controlled Slip Encoder Closed loop mode that adjusts Voltage vs Frequency to keep slip within optimal range

 Pro: Simple. Efficient, Easy to tune

Con: Not optimal. Speed control only

FOC - Torque Control Encoder  Efficient Closed Loop Torque mode that uses Field Oriented Control

 Pro: Most efficient

Con: Complex tuning

FOC - Speed Control Encoder  Efficient Closed Loop Speed mode that uses Field Oriented Control

Pro: Most efficient

Con: Complex tuning 

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Robotize Your Material Handler

Add Roboteq’s Magnetic Guide Sensor and you have a fully functional, line following Automatic Guided Vehicle with just two components!

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Make it even better with our Battery Management System for Lithium Batteries, add our Robot IO eXtender Module (RIOX) with IMU for extra stability. Use matching motor/wheel assemblies from our Validated Motor Partners. Download Magnetic Navigation Software and get free, expert Support from Roboteq to make it all work together for you!

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Watch the AGV Demo Video

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Interface with Anything

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Our controllers can be operated from practically anything. From simple push buttons, to Joysticks, Radios, PLCs, or Computers, Roboteq can interface with it. A generous number of Pulse/Analog/Digital Inputs are available for limit switches, potentiometers, encoders, buttons or sensors. Digital Output are provided for brakes, lights, or solenoids. Need more IO? Use our RIOX IO eXtender via CANbus and know no limits!





 and - if - loop - goto - next

These are some of the keywords all our controllers understand thanks to their built-in MicroBasic programming language. Think of it as having a PLC built right into the controller, at no extra charge. This Roboteq exclusive feature will let you tailor the controller to match your most exotic requirements. 

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Yes, We CAN!

All our controllers have a 1Mbit CANbus interface. Using a simple wire pair, you can make two or more controllers work together, connect to Joysticks, PLCs, Battery Management Systems, or any other smart sensor. And thanks to four different available CAN protocols, you can be sure that they will be able to understand each other.

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Connect Your PC and ...

No need for special programming tools. Download our Free Roborun+ PC Utility and start exploring the possibilities.


Always Ready for the Unexpected


Much of the functionality of Roboteq's controllers is never used. However, that unused functionality is there because we all know that eventually “what can go wrong, will go wrong”. From excessive amps to over/under voltage, short-circuits to feedback breakdown, the unexpected is no match for Roboteq's AC Induction Motor Controllers! 

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Never Loses its Cool

High power at low voltage means high current. High current means heat. And excessive heat means trouble! Ultra-high efficiency MOSFET field-effect transistors, high current terminals & wiring, and innovative cooling techniques are just some of the technologies Roboteq utilizes to make our controllers among the coolest running for their size.

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Guaranteed Success and Satisfaction

Our controllers are among the most sophisticated on the market, but also the easiest to use thanks to detailed documentation, software tools and application examples. However, should you run into difficulties you can rest assured that you will get prompt and accurate answers from our superb Support team. After all, we can only succeed if you succeed!

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Orderable Products

Select by Product FamilySelect by Number of Channels

FIM23xx Family

fim2360 coverMedium Power Dual Channel, AC Induction Motor Controllers. Advanced 32-bit technology, multiple connectivity options and scripting support. Up to 2 x 60A. Conduction cooling plate with ABS Plastic cover. Targeted at AGV and small electric vehicles.

Model Ch Amps/Ch Volts Dig In Ana In Pulse In Dig Out Enc Info
FIM2360 2 60 60 10 8 6 4 Yes
FIM2360S 1 120 60 10 8 6 4 Yes

HIM23xx Family

pfolder hdc2450Medium Power Dual Channel, AC Induction Motor Controllers. Advanced 32-bit technology, multiple connectivity options and scripting support. Up to 1 x 150A or 2 x 75A. Built in extruded aluminum case. Targeted at mobile robots and small electric vehicles.

RGIM1xxx Family

rgdc18xxVery High Power Single Channel, Feature Packed AC Induction Motor Controllers. Advanced 32-bit technology, multiple connectivity options and scripting support. Up to 300A. Several voltage options up to 96V. Heavy conduction cooling plate with ABS Plastic cover. Targeted at electric vehicles, personnel carriers, golf cars, materials handling equipment, electric boats, automated guided vehicles, agricultural robots and other high power applications. 

Model Ch Amps/Ch Volts Dig In Ana In Pulse In Dig Out Enc Info
RGIM1860 1 300 60 10 8 8 6 Yes
RGIM1896 1 300 96 10 8 8 6 Yes

Dual Channel Controllers

Model Amps/Ch Volts Dig In Ana In Pulse In Dig OutEncStyle Info
FIM2360606010864YesFBL2360 Brushless Controller 2x60A, 60V, advanced features

Single Channel Controllers

Model Amps/Ch Volts Dig In Ana In Pulse In Dig OutEncStyle Info
RGIM18603006010886YesBrushed DC Motor Controller
RGIM18963009610886YesBrushed DC Motor Controller
FIM2360S1206010864YesFBL2360 Brushless Controller 2x60A, 60V, advanced features
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