HBLxxxx Family

pfolder hdc2450High Power Single Channel or Medium Power Dual Channel, Brushless DC Motor Controllers. Advanced 32-bit Core Technology, multiple Connectivity options and Scripting support. Up to 2 x 75A or 1 x 150A. Several voltage options up to 96V. Built in extruded aluminum case. Targeted at mobile robots and small electric vehicles. Available in "Basic" and in "Advanced Control" versions. Basic versions controllers operate only in Trapezoidal mode and require Hall Sensors to drive motors. Advanced Control models support Sinusoidal mode and Field Oriented Control.

Model Ch Amps/Ch Volts Dig In Ana In Pulse In Dig Out FOC Enc Sensorless Info
HBL23120 2 40 120 19 11 4 8 Yes Yes No
HBL2360A 2 75 60 19 11 4 8 Yes Yes No
HBL1660 1 150 60 19 11 6 8 No Yes No
HBL1696 1 150 96 19 11 6 8 No Yes No
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