Contactless X-Y Flow sensor with AHRS, USB, RS232, PWM and CAN output.
Optical Track Sensor to be used in AGV

FLW100 DatasheetFLW100 Datasheet

1FLW100 Datasheet

v1.2 January 30, 2019

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Roboteq’s FLW100 is a high-resolution sensor especially designed for accurate contactless X-Y motion sensing over a surface. The FLW100 is intended as a navigation sensor for wheeled mobile robot.

The sensor works similarly to an optical mouse, but with higher resolution, accuracy and at greater distance from the reference surface. The sensor uses an embedded infrared camera that is pointed to the floor and measures the displacement distance and speed along the X and Y axis by comparing images at each frame. Distance is measured with 0.1mm resolution with excellent accuracy. The sensor has a built-in infrared LED and laser illuminator and will work on practically all types of surfaces at speeds up to 1.1m/s.

In addition, the FLW100 incorporates a 9-degree of freedom sensor (gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer) with a fusion algorithm to turn it into an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) or Attitude Heading Refence System (AHRS).

The FLW100 has an 8-pin M12 industrial connector for its power supply, communication and I/O connections. The communication interface can be configured as CANbus, RS232 or serial TTL. Four I/O pins can be configured as Dual Quadrature Encoder outputs, as PWM output, or as user I/O. The FLW can be connected to a PC via its USB port for configuration and monitoring.

The sensor embeds a powerful scripting language that can be used, together with its four I/O lines, to implement safety features, such as the SS1 Safety Stop in Mobile Robots applications



  • Automatic Guided Vehicles

  • Mobile Robots

  • Warehouse Automation Robots

  • Automatic Cleaning Robots

Range 40-100mm
Supply voltage 10V to 30V
USB  Yes
RS232  Yes
MicroBasic Scripting Yes
IP rating IP65
Dimensions 120mm x 35mm x 30mm
Weight 100g

PC UtilityPC Utility

1ChartOCX.zip117.5 KB
2TrackSensor PC Utility

v.1.0, April 1, 2018

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