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Roboteq’s BMS10x0 is a battery management and protection system for building cost-effective, customizable, ultra-efficient and high current power sources using all Lithium Ion chemistry batteries. Roboteq’s BMS10x0 is a Centralized System for 6 to 15 cell Battery Packs and incorporates versatile, configurable system and cell parameters.

BMS1060BT 800

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A Complete, Centralized Battery Management System

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Ideal for Low Voltage - High Current Applications

With all of the features of the BMS10x0 combined into one product, its applications are almost limitless. Whether it’s mobile robots, electric vehicles, or personal mobility devices, the BMS10x0 is the ideal battery management system for any 12V to 60V device or system employing an ion lithium battery pack of 10 to 1000Ah capacity.

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Get the Most Out of Your Battery

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Extends Battery Life

Constant monitoring of charge balance delivers optimal charge cycling and extended battery life.

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Balances Cells

Provides passive balancing for lithium-ion and other battery types.

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Ensure Battery Safety

Alerts and preventative actions safeguard proper charging and operation.

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Monitors Battery Health

Compares calculated battery parameters to user configured nominal rating, providing an overall view of a battery pack’s health.

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Keeps Batteries Cool

Activates fan or heater, and adjusts charge/discharge to maintain the batteries at optimal temperature.

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Optimizes Cost of Ownership

Batteries are an important part of your system's cost. Well maintained batteries protect your investment.



The Only BMS Designed for Motor Control

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Motors use current to create traction, but will generate current when pushed. Roboteq's BMS10x0 is the only BMS on the market that is designed to function seamlessly with regenerative braking systems. It manages current flowing in and out of the battery pack, not just out. This means the battery is charged every time the brakes are used. When the battery is fully charged, the BMS10x0 diverts surplus energy to a brake resistor.



No External Contactor or Current Sensor Needed

no contactor no ampsense side> The BMS10x0 eliminates the need for separate external amps sensors and power contactors. Built-in Current Sensor and Switches prevent the short-circuits and overloads that are a risk in any electrical system. Roboteq’s BMS10x0 offers a unique safety feature that most other products do not. A built-in 100A switch with undervoltage and overvoltage shut-off prevents spikes or dips in the power usage from damaging the monitored battery pack. An integrated circuit breaker prevents system damage due to short circuits and continuous overloads.



Perfect Companion to Your Roboteq Motor Controller

While the BMS10x0 functions perfectly with other manufacturer’s products, Roboteq's BMS features a custom single wire interface and a CANbus protocol that are optimized to work with the Roboteq family of products. The BMS10x0 is part of our integrated solution for building Magnetic Track guided AGVs.

bms agv

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Yes It CAN! 

Every aspect of the battery pack’s charge and health can be communicated to the user application via the BMS10x0's CAN, RS485, USB, and PWM ports. The BMS10x0's CAN interface supports several protocols, including CANOpen and Roboteq’s proprietary RoboCAN meshed network protocol. Thanks to the BMS10x0's scripting feature, any other CAN protocols can easily be supported as well.

yes we can tr

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 So Smart, You'd Think it is a Computer

And you'd be right! The BMS10x0 has a simple but powerful built-in programming language. It can be used, for example, to read any of its operating parameters, such as volts or amp, and activate any of its internal and external switches to perform a special management strategy. This Roboteq exclusive feature will let you taylor the BMS10x0 to match your most exotic requirements. 

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Accurate & Self Correcting State of Charge

Roboteq’s BMS10x0 tracks the current flow in and out of the battery using it's on-board current sensors. State of charge is evaluated by comparing the total current used vs. the energy in Ah (Amp Hour) that is estimated to be in the battery. The BMS10x0 originally uses the battery's Ah specification, but calculates and adjusts this theoretical capacilty using measurements over actual charge/discharge cycles. Remaining charge is reported as Ah or Time Remaining to Empty based on the present load current.  state of charge



Configurable to Meet Your Unique Requirements

The BMS10x0 is the very model of configuration versatility. Through its Free PC Utility minimum/maximum current, voltage and temperatures thresholds, communication settings, charger control and all other settings can can easily be configured. A graphical representation of the battery lets you monitor and chart in real time all internal voltages, temperatures and currents.  Roboteq’s field upgradable firmware allows users to keep up with the newest features and updates using only a Windows© computer and a USB cable.



Monitor by Walking By

The BMS10x0 can be fitted with Roboteq's optional Bluetooth connectivity module. This feature allows the BMS10x0 to communicate the battery's charge, voltages and currents in real time to a Roboteq App running on your smartphone. How much simpler can it get?





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