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PC, RC/Radio, Encoder and Hall Sensor cables and adapters for Roboteq's motor controllers

Name Description Product Page
CABLE-DS9 9 pin D-Sub cable six feet length male/female Product details
Digital Tachometer Digital tachometer capable of measuring motor rotational velocity using both contact and laser. Product details
BOB25F Break out board for FBL2360 and FDC3260. 9 pin dsub cable is not included and is to be ordered separately. Product details
USB Isolator Full speed USB 2.0 compliant port isolator with a 1000V isolation voltage. This device protects your PC or laptop while connecting USB devices wired to high voltages. It is a sealed device with three connectors for connecting with USB-Host,... Product details
CABLE-USB-232-CONV For connection of PC USB port to Roboteq RS232 port Product details
CABLE-RGBx1 Cable for RGBL controllers. 8 color-coded wires, 3ft long. Product details
RS232-TTL Adapter This adapter helps to convert TTL (Transistor-Transistor Logic) level signals to RS232 interface of the RoboteQ motor controllers. Product details
48-24V DC-DC Converter DC-DC, 48V to 24V, 5A, Waterproof Step-down Volt Converter Power Supply with Aluminum Shell Product details
BOB25H Break out board for HDC24xx, HBL23xx, HBL16xx. 9 pin dsub cable is not included and is to be ordered separately. Product details
RS232 Isolator Optically isolates the three RS232 lines: Tx, Rx and GND. Protects your serial devices from transient surges and ground loops up to 5000V in each direction. Product details
CABLE-ABCX1 ABC Single Hall Cable for Single Channel Brushless Controllers Product details
CABLE-ABCX1M ABC Single Hall Cable for Single Channel "SBL" Controllers Product details
CABLE-ABCX2 ABC Dual Hall Cable for Dual Channel Brushless Controllers Product details
CABLE-ENC1 12" encoder cable and transition board for MDC2230, MDC2460 and XDC2230 products Product details
CABLE-RC2 RC Radio Cable for xDC/xBL-model controllers with 15-pin connectors Product details
CABLE-RC5 25-pin to RC Radio Cable for HDC/HBL-model Controllers Product details
CABLE-S_PWRCTL Cable for connecting PwrCtl voltage to the SDC/SBL controllers Product details
BOB15 Break out board for connecting linear pot to control speed. 9-pin connector is female, 15-pin connector is male. 9 pin dsub cable is not included and is to be ordered separately. Product details
CABLE-BOB15 Break out board with 6' RS232 cable for connecting BOB15 to PC. **This cable replaces previous RS1 cable** Product details

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