Communication Adapters and Tools


Useful power and communication adapters and accessories

Name Description Product Page
CABLE-USB-232-CONV For connection of PC USB port to Roboteq RS232 port Product details
RS232-TTL Adapter Serial TTL level signals to RS232 converter module Product details
USB Isolator Full speed USB 2.0 compliant port isolator with a 1000V isolation voltage Product details
RS232 Isolator Optical isolator of the Tx, Rx and GND RS232 lines up to 5000V Product details
Digital Tachometer Digital tachometer capable of measuring motor rotational velocity using both contact and laser. Product details
PWR-48DC24 DC-DC, 48V to 24V, 5A, Waterproof Step-down Volt Converter Power Supply with Aluminum Shell Product details
Special Charges Special Charges Product details
RoboRun Pro-License Professional License for the RoboRunPlus PC Utility. Required for compiling MicroBasic scripts larger than 1K. **Roborun pro licenses are sent only by email** Product details
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