Roboteq Solution Partner: Printed Motor Works

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Contact Name: Nick Revels
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +441420594140
Location: Newman Lane, Alton, GU34 2QW, United Kingdom

Projects Handled/Specialty: 1. Brushed printed armature flat pancake axial flux DC electric motors and generators. These cogless, low inertia powerful motors fit limited space locations are effective servo motors for speed, torque and position control applications. 2. Brushless radial flux permanent magnet external rotor and internal rotor (capable of hollow shaft) DC electric motors and generators for a wide range of industrial use Designed short axially, these high power motors or generators fit locations with too limited length for conventional designs. 3. Wheel motors series based on brushless external rotor permanent magnet DC motor, particularly for high torque, low speed applications. 4. Capability for rapidly designing any new versions of the above motors or generators for specific duty applications to client specification, to provide motors in sample quantities for test and volume production.

Design & Development capabilities: Electronic Design, Mechanical Design, Machine Shop

Geographical Coverage: Worldwide

Projects created with Roboteq products: Laboratory dynomometer equipment for electric motor test facilities


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