A: The RIOX-AHRS has recently been updated with a new algroithm to incorporate even more stable and usefule AHRS functionality.  To use this new algorithm you will need to upload our latest RIOX firmware release to your board, as well as use the latest release of the RIOX Configuration Utility.  You can find both this firmware and utility in our Download Center.  Along with the new algorithm comes a new process for calibrating the gyroscope, magnetometer, and accelerometer of the RIOX-AHRS:



To calibrate the gyroscope rest your RIOX on a level, flat surface:

Next, simply click "Calibrate Gyro Zero" on the RIOX Utility Setup tab:



The accelerometer must be calbrated with the RIOX resting in both a horizontal position and a verticle position.  

First, leave your RIOX resting on the desktop in the same resting horizontal position from the gyroscope calibration.

From the RIOX Utility Setup  tab, send the command %CLMOD 2.  If you receive a "+"  on the In Data, the horizontal calbration has been completed.

Next, place the RIOX in a verticle standing position.  It is important that the device is stable, so it is recommended to use a stand or sandwich the RIOX between two heavy objects so that it remains as still as possible.

Once the device is held firmly in a verticle position, send the command %CLMOD 3.  If you receive a "+"  on the In Data, the verticle calbration has been completed.

Finally, send the command %CLSAV 321654987 to save the new calibration values to the device.



To calibrate the magnetometer, first send the command %CLMOD 1 to begin the calibration.  Then, you will turn the RIOX at least one full revolution along each of it's three axis in turn:




After you have turned the RIOX one full revolution along each axis, send the command %CLMOD 0 to end the magnetometer calibration.

Finally, once again send the command %CLSAV 321654987 to save the new calibration values.

Note that even after calibrating, the magnetometer is a very sensitive device that may be susceptible to variations in local magnetic fields that may interfere with the earth magnetic field.  As a result you may observe some slight yaw drift.


Calibration of the Gyroscope, Accelerometer, and the Magnetometer is now complete.  Can view the calbiration values and adjust manually from the AHRS menu on the RIOX Utiltiy Setup tab.  You can also query the calibration values serially with the following commands:  ~ZGYR (Gyroscope), ~ZACC (Accelerometer), ~ZMAG (Magnetometer.

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